Cleanse Program

Dr. Smith’s Natural Cleanse & Weight Loss Program

Find out how a natural diet & lifestyle can help you reach your health and weight loss goals.

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During a one-on-one appointment or a group workshop, Dr. Smith explains the evolution of the human diet, where we’ve gone wrong, the origins of chronic disease, and the importance of cleansing and its relationship to better health and weight loss.

Find out how to mobilize and remove fat-stored toxins through our guided cleanse, detoxification and gentle juice fast program.

This program offers four different phases tailored to your personal health needs and goals. Dr. Smith has over 15 years of experience and evidence based on latest research in detoxification, fasting, nutrition, exercise and long term weight management.

You Will Receive:

  • Health history & physical exams, heavy metal screen
  • Personal diet evaluation with weekly diet plans & recipes
  • Personal exercise training & safety instruction
  • Nutritional education, meal preparation & cooking recommendations
  • Coaching & inspiration throughout the program
  • Weekly chiropractic care, herbal therapies, stress management, and more
  • Functional food, smoothie, juice, and supplement recommendations
  • Weekly Tai Chi class

For more information, to schedule an appointment or sign up for a workshop, contact us at:
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